What you seek is seeking you... Rumi

Our Service to You

Private Yoga Brisbane provides mobile yoga & meditation lessons in the home, corporate office or chosen space. Offering one on one, small group, corporate wellness, conference and special event yoga classes we tailor each practice to your needs at the time and day of your choice.

The Benefits of Yoga

  • Increase flexibility, mobility & stability in the body & mind

  • Sculpt strong, lean muscles, tone the body & improve posture

  • Improve cardiovascular health & boost your immune system

  • Generate happiness & gratitude towards yourself & others

  • Learn to meditate & develop mindfulness practices

  • Reduce stress, alleviate anxiety & depression

  • Develop a healthy, positive attitude & self esteem

  • Improve sleep, symptoms of fatigue & the ability to concentrate

  • Help regulate emotions & balance the nervous system

  • Build resilience, inner strength & overall well being

Personal Yoga Class

Start a yoga or meditation practice here! We have designed class packs for beginners, devoted yogis and those wanting a one-off class to see what yoga is all about. For corporate, conference & special event yoga, get in contact for a quote.

Yoga Retreats

Recharge & refresh at one of our yoga retreats or events. Travelling both internationally and locally, our yoga & meditation retreats are created with your optimum relaxation in mind. Check out the latest offerings.

Yoga Teacher

Your health & well-being is paramount to living a long, happy life. Our teachers are dedicated to sharing their knowledge & experience, ensuring you reap the benefits of yoga in an environment of safety, comfort and respect.