Yoga is an excellent way to relax, re-focus and re-energise. It is a low-impact way of losing weight, improving fitness and muscle tone. There are many diverse reasons to engage the services of a private yoga teacher. And Private Yoga Brisbane is affordable,  all required equipment is supplied (if you don't have your own) and an initial consultation will ensure a bespoke, tailor made class is perfect for your personal needs and intentions.

Yoga is a journey from the Self, through the Self, to the Self
— Bhagavad Gita

Corporate Wellbeing

Stress is the highest contributing factor to disease and chronic illness. Our modern world operates from an aggressive perspective: action, thinking, achievement - there is an over-glorification of 'busy' in business. Corporate yoga classes focus on movements that stimulate a sedentary, desk bound body along with the cultivation of mindfulness practices to keep employees calm and centred. Organisations understand the necessity for work-life balance and corporations investing in the health and well-being of staff see an increase their productivity & loyalty and decrease absenteeism & stress.


Athletes & Sport Enthusiasts

Yoga develops more than flexibility in highly active individuals and groups. An increase in muscular and joint mobility generates a decrease in injury and faster recovery. A regular practice teaches focus and improved decision making and breathing techniques ensure athletes gain greater control in reducing their heart rate and breath retention. These sessions focus on the physiology and bio mechanics of the body in sympathy with the particular sporting discipline. 


Small Groups

Ideal for those who wish to practice with family or friends in the privacy of their home or designated space, for those whose time is limited or simply prefer their own private yoga instructor. Small groups gain the benefit of hands on teaching whilst spending precious time together, bonding in the joy that yoga brings to body and mind. A wonderful, nurturing experience with those you love, away from the maddening crowds. 



Whatever your reason, one-on-one yoga lessons will help you discover a deep yoga practice in a short amount of time. For those in recovery from a mental illness, physical injury, are time-poor or the discerning student who prefers individualised attention, personal yoga classes will bring you the mental & physical strength, focus & relaxation you need. These classes can take a more therapeutic approach depending on recovery requirements. Taking time out to better understand & improve yourself is paramount to a healthy mind, body & soul.